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I help leaders dispose of ticking A-bombs in their teams

What are the A-Bombs in TEAMS?

ATTITUDES and ACTIONS! Bad attitudes create toxic cultures, which affects business performance and staff retention! These actions cost you $$$!

Lift your leadership and dispose of ticking A-Bombs in your team.

My Art of Business Leadership framework shows business owners how to strategically lead their business and find their freedom.

My latest for Business Growth

29 March 2019

How to negotiate like your life depends on it

That forceful style of negotiation you see on the movies should stay there. In the Army, they taught us that the best negotiators were creative problem-solvers and that’s exactly true for business. I wasn’t born a natural at negotiation and I firmly believe that you don’t need to be. Anyone can be taught it - of course, like any art form it takes practice but that’s what this set of rules is for. Read these, absorb them, apply them in negotiation situations and you’ll notice a difference immediately. Yes, they’re military tactics, but ultimately they’re habit-forming tactics that anyone can learn.

My latest for Leaders

14 December 2019

Treating Teams like Performance Cars

Imagine if teams were cars racing around a racetrack, where lap times are a performance indicator. All of a sudden a warning light comes on in the dashboard. The driver (leader) sees it but ignores it. The technician tells the driver, I need to have a look at that warning light, I think I know the issue, but it will take time to fix. The driver says, sorry, haven’t got the time I need to be on the racetrack. The technician says, well, if we don’t fix it now it might turn into a bigger issue later in the race. If that car was your team, what would you do?​

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