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My Art of Business Leadership framework shows business owners how to strategically lead their business and find their freedom.

My latest for Business Growth

28 February 2019

4 Reasons Why Business Partnerships Fail

​Business partnerships can be fraught with danger! I have had two business partnerships - both have ended (luckily I have been married for eight years, and my wife is still supportive of me!). While I have been lucky that they have been reasonably amicable towards the end (not too much spent on lawyers!), I now know what I would do in the future so here are my tips to avoid the pitfalls of doing business with someone - or solve that problem along the way.

My latest for Leaders

13 April 2018

Who Eats What for Breakfast

They say that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, but I believe that unless you have a strategy to enable a great culture then you will get eaten alive!

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