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Business performance coaching that gives you back control of your business and your life. Watch how I took back control of my business

Take back control

If you do the same things tomorrow in your business as you did today, do you think your business and your lifestyle will change? 

I grew my own business to six-figures the hard way, until I realised that doing that was a choice. We've all got our reasons for starting a business but the one thing us business owners have in common is our need for FREEDOM.

If you currently work long hours on your business, feel frustrated or overwhelmed, or like you're on the cusp of growth but never totally in control of it - do you really have that freedom or are you trudging through spreadsheets and struggling to inspire the culture you see in companies you admire?

Making the choice to change is easy. The hard part is figuring out how so that you stick to it and

Use my Art of Business Leadership

Learn how my framework can give you back time from your business

My Art of Business Leadership framework shows business owners how to find their purpose and take back time.

My latest for Business Growth

28 February 2019

4 Reasons Why Business Partnerships Fail

​Business partnerships can be fraught with danger! I have had two business partnerships - both have ended (luckily I have been married for eight years, and my wife is still supportive of me!). While I have been lucky that they have been reasonably amicable towards the end (not too much spent on lawyers!), I now know what I would do in the future so here are my tips to avoid the pitfalls of doing business with someone - or solve that problem along the way.

My latest for Leaders

13 April 2018

Who Eats What for Breakfast

They say that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, but I believe that unless you have a strategy to enable a great culture then you will get eaten alive!

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