My Passion

I help leaders dispose of ticking A-bombs in their teams

Are you struggling to build an empowered team?

Are you struggling as a leader with any of the following with your team?

  • Getting and keeping the right team members
  • Low productivity and morale
  • Feeling like it is easier to do the job yourself
  • Growing yourself as a leader

If so, then my Art of Business Leadership might be a framework that can help you.

The BIG A's!

I am obsessed by performance and leadership. I also love frameworks – Hey, I’m an ex-Army Engineer officer so I didn’t stand much chance!

This 20-year obsession has led to me develop my Art of Business Leadership framework.

It focuses on the two A’s – Attitude and Actions. One drives the other.

It starts with ATTITUDE

The big A – Attitude. In business, we call this culture. A toxic culture made up of people with a stinking attitude will kill your business fast! To build a positive attitude in your team, this requires the leaders to display Authentic Leadership.

Authentic Leadership is something that is used as a ‘razzle dazzle’ term by fancy leadership consultants. But what does it really mean, to real people in business, leading teams?

There are five areas that Authentic Leaders focus on:

  • Vision – Authentic leaders have a strong vision for their own personal development, their immediate team’s future and the business or business unit they are leading.
  • Service – Authentic leaders know that leaders eat last. Leadership is a life of service, serving others to lift them up.
  • Values – Authentic leaders are connected to their own personal values. They are genuine, trustworthy and make well considered decisions.
  • Relationships – Authentic leaders know that genuine relationships amplify the possibilities. By building relationships that are open and truthful then a shared vision can be achieved.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Authentic leaders understand emotional intelligence and actively work on increasing their own EQ. They are self-aware and use emotional intelligence tools to build the effectiveness of their own teams.

Apply the right ACTIONS

Once we have Attitude on the right track, then we can focus on ACTIONS. Actions is all about Strategic Leadership of the business.

There are three areas to Strategic Leadership of the business:

  • Strategic Clarity - This is about having a deep understanding of the product and strategy you sell, and the marketing and sales processes you use to engage with customers.
  • Purpose Driven Teams - This is about your leadership team, building a strong culture to empower your team to drive the business forward.
  • Operational Excellence - Understanding the systems you use and how to scale them, as well as having a deep understanding on the financial performance of your business.

Your Next Step

I have wrapped this all up into my Art of Business Leadership framework.

I work with leaders to implement this framework into their teams and businesses. Together we dispose of the A-bombs that are sitting there, and in turn increase the performance of leaders, teams and business.

If you want help to lift your leadership performance, then get in touch. 

The BIG A's!

Yep, that's me in 2007, leading a team of Sappers in Lebanon to dispose of cluster bombs after the 30-day war between Israel and Hezbollah.

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