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04 February 2016

Treating Athletes like Performance Cars

Treating Athletes like Performance Cars

Imagine if athletes were cars racing around a racetrack, where lap times are a performance indicator and the coach is the one driving the car. There are mechanics, technicians and other specialists (strength and conditioning coach, physiotherapist) in the pits providing support and information, but the driver has to listen. All of a sudden a warning light (pain) comes on in the dashboard. The driver sees it, but ignores it. One of the technicians sees it on his computer, but can’t do anything about it while the car is racing around the track. Soon the car will come in for a pitstop, change of tires (new shirt) and a bit of fuel (water). The technician tells the driver, I need to have a look at that warning light, I think I know the issue, but it will take time to fix. The driver says, sorry, haven’t got the time I need to be on the racetrack. The technician says, well, if we don’t fix it now it might turn into a bigger issue (injury) later in the race. If it that car was your athlete, what would you do?​

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