23 August, 2018

Don't Be Like Dave

Don't Be Like Dave

Day by Day Dave is 46 years old, owns his own business, but dreams about retiring early!

Dave can be seen entering his business under the cover of darkness, shoulders hunched, eyes bloodshot and hoping that today is the day that lightning strikes and he finds more time and more customers!

Dave is like so many business owners.

Success – Dave is chasing success, but if you actually ask him what success looks like, he doesn’t really know.

Dave doesn’t know the numbers in his business – like how much it actually costs him to get customers or what his gross profit margin is across his various product lines are.

Without the numbers, then Dave is always chasing, not leading.

Ownership – Dave’s business owns him, not the other way round. The late nights and many balls he is juggling means that he is always being a slave to his business.

Dave desperately wants to have his business be successful and he is deeply invested into it. But sometimes he wonders if it is all worth it.

Balance – Dave’s business owns him and he has lost the balance in his life. He is at the beckon call of his mobile phone and his hobbies, personal health and fitness are coming, second, third or are a distant memory!

Dave would love to have his nights and weekends back to spend more time with his family and his family want him back too.

Are you a business owner like Dave or have a Day by Day Dave in your family?

Don’t be like Dave! Take my 15 minute ‘Day by Day Dave’ Call where we work out how to make you less like Dave and more like the business owner you want to be.

Send me an email at [email protected] and say ‘no more Dave’ and we will sort out the rest.

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