22 September, 2015

The Focus for Sport

The Focus for Sport

[Photo credit: woodleywonderworks]

I recently read the Chief of Australian Army. Lieutenant General Angus Campbell’s piece on The Future of Australian Land Operations and pondered what the lessons are for sport.

General Campbell outlined four priorities for the Australian Army that justify to the Government and the community on why it exists and the role it plays in the ‘defence of our nation and its interests’. I have adjusted these four priorities in the context of why National and State Sporting Organisations exist and why Governments and the community should continue to support them.

National and State Sporting Organisations priorities are:

  • Support to Athletes: It is the reason why they exist.
  • Support to our community: Because sport helps to rebuild lives and realise the potential of our community. Playing sport creates a healthy community.
  • Modernisation of sport: Because sport needs to remain relevant and we need to continue to engage our community in a technologically advanced era.
  • Cultural renewal: Because ethical volunteers and staff working together for the betterment of the community and as one team are our most successful resource.

Success will likely be measured in four key areas directly related to the above priority areas: gold medals; grass roots participation; community engagement and membership churn or brand loyalty; and coach and official participation and growth.

The way in which we carry out these priorities and measure them will vary and is directed by strategic plans and various strategies. But the four priorities should form the backbone of the strategy to ensure relevance and success is achieved.

By understanding the reasons for National and State Sporting Organisations existence and having a clear vision that reflects this, then organisational leaders should be able to develop clear and focused strategies to realise the effectiveness of sport for our nation.

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