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Providing insights and inspiration to leaders.

What I add to your team

Over the last 20 years I have been on an amazing journey of learning how to lead, through military deployments, working with sporting teams, and now in my own business. Through these experiences, I have failed, learnt a lot, built networks and developed frameworks. 

Alongside building our family business She Maps, I also share my personal experiences for the simple reason that we need better leaders in our society. Better leaders will lift teams higher, build stronger businesses and be kinder to the people around them.

There are two ways I work with leaders and teams.

Sharing from the Stage

I am an experienced conference speaker. My talks provide actionable information for emerging and seasoned leaders, all wrapped up in captivating stories from my experiences.

The experiences I have had in the NZ Army have given me a set of leadership and strategic skills that have provided a foundation for my success.

I enjoy talking about my range of unique experiences from time in the military leading teams in Lebanon and Afghanistan, teaching students from remote Indigenous communities in Australia, developing sport development programs in Indonesia, working with entrepreneurs and startups, and building my own businesses with world-leading scientists and business leaders.

Sharing from the Stage

Facilitating Workshops

Workshops are meant to be fun, engaging, and leave you with a list of things to implement, and increase your personal potential!

I run a range of workshops on strategy, leadership and culture development. Whether this is for a board of directors, a multi-day stakeholder workshop, or masterclass events for large audiences, I am adept at running them all.

The events I run are personalised for your audience as I take time to understand the outcomes you are looking for, and how my experience can add the most amount of value.

Facilitating Workshops

Paul's talk on decisiveness was concise, practical and easy to apply. Conference Attendee
I thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass and found it very interesting and very well presented. I really look forward to the possibility of attending more of these types of masterclasses. Katie - Masterclass attendee
Entertaining, inspiring and practical. IML Conference Delegate
10 out of 10! Great information that can be implemented into my team. Kevin - Workshop participant
I enjoyed the class, there was a lot of information packed into a short amount of time. Megan - Masterclass attendee
Very engaging, interesting topics, self reflective. I loved that we didn't just have to sit for the whole time. Nichole - Workshop participant

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If you want to provide your audience or team with a high-performance perspective and give them plenty to think about, please email me at [email protected] or call me personally on 0432 469 500.

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